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    My name is Claudio Rimoldi and I am a professional Artisan Cake Decorating Art and Cold Porcelain.

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    In my Craft Workshop dictate short intensive national and international courses, plus I am dedicated to updating professional as well as holding events.

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    Modeling human figures, birds, doll making, souvenirs, flowers, etc. starting with basic instructions for each item in case you have never walked such crafts.

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Find me on Nicaragua 1951 | Tel. 0054 291 4884147- Cel. 0291 154685775
(8000) Bahia Blanca, Argentina | info@claudiorimoldi.com.ar |
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Claudio Rimoldi is a professional craft cake decorating and cold porcelain. At 15, he started making his first desserts overlooking enjoy your family and friends, then eventually was taking courses and conducting various improvements, until in 1992 obtained his diploma "Professor Craft Cake Decorating" Marta Ballina granted by the Institute. In conjunction with this activity took its first steps into the world of the Cold Porcelain activity that goes hand in hand with cake decorating.


Currently, and for more than 25 years, I work as Professor and Director of an Academy in which I develop courses and training of decoration of cakes and sculptures in cold porcelain, in addition to microwave cooking courses.


From the year 2000 I made television microphones in the “Generating Ideas” program, conducted by Mrs. Nora Horgan and Susana Benavente, on the local cable channel.


I participated in the National Contest of Decorating cakes and cold porcelain in the city of Buenos Aires, with professionals from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador and Paraguay, in which I was deserving, for 4 consecutive years (2004 to 2007 inclusive ), of the first prize for best work done in cold porcelain and cake decorating.


In 2006 I taught courses and demonstrations in Puerto Rico on materials related to the decoration of cakes and cold porcelain, also attending the invitation of an ex-craft with the same motives in Lima, Peru.


Since 2007 I appeared on the television in the capital, in the program "Hands on work", conducted by Herminia Devoto, on the cable channel Metro. In August of that same year I taught cake decorating classes in San José, Costa Rica, also participating in three of the most watched television programs in that country, developing different technical modeling activities and applications with exclusive materials developed by the firm Argentina REMY.


In 2009 I taught courses and seminars in "The World of Pastry", in Puerto Rico, for more than 250 people. In 2010 I worked as a Pastry Professor in the chef career taught at the Pedro Goyena Institute of Gastronomy, in Bahía Blanca.


In August 2011 I participated in the ICES Convention (International Cake Exploration & Societe) in North Carolina, USA, and then taught in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, at ISAC (International School Academy Culinary), owned by the renowned pastry chef Nicholas Lodge, mentor of the realization of the royal wedding cake of Prince Charles and Lady Di.


Since 2010, and until today, I have developed television presentations in the “Women's Code” program, conducted by Mrs. Susana Benavente, on open television, on Channel 9 of Bahía Blanca and its area of ​​influence.


In 2016, I joined as a teacher in the Vocational Training Center No. 402, where I taught the courses of Artisan Confectionery, Confectionery, Pastry Assistant and Craft Alfajores (until 2018) and, Practical in Organization of Events and Pizza Master- rotisero (during 2019).


Also during the year 2019 I dictated the Office of “Baker” within the Secondary with an Office in charge of the CENS No. 453 in conjunction with the CFP No. 402 to which I belong as Instructor. In addition, I taught itinerant courses in gastronomy at the Training School for Domestic Service Personnel, belonging to U.P.A.C.P. (Personal Auxiliary Union of Private Houses), a free Christmas Seminar for the community and the "Practical School Dining" course at the San Roque Municipal School. During the year 2020 I will develop the "Pastry" (with a duration of 2 years, "Bakery" (duration of 1 year) and "Practice in School Dining" (3 months duration).


I also continue to teach regular courses, in particular, in Bahía Blanca, with availability to do them in the area, and in the interior and exterior of the country.




The courses cake decorating and cold porcelain are taught in personalized small group of no more than six people. Are held once a week for two hours. These courses are complementary since most materials except shared paints which tonalizan or incorporated into the dough.


We made it clear that porcelain is a non-edible craft, but also non-toxic so we can make all kinds of decorations and bouquets for cakes.


Cold Porcelain courses have unlimited duration , as the themes are free and students can address various topics such as: modeling human figures, birds, doll making, souvenirs, flowers, etc. starting with basic instructions for each item in case you have never walked such crafts.


Along the same porcelain can be complemented with other techniques such as decorative painting, decoupage with volume, imitation imitation Art Frances and much more, which is why feeding the creativity of each student to be an important to perform wonderful work tool.


With regard to Cake Decorating course this has a duration of three years with their respective levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced), these levels are required for the full course, then it is up to each student an extra year of development and updating techniques.


Each level comes with certificate of approval after examination of the techniques learned.

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Quiero compartir con ustedes algunos de mis videos, que permiten mostrarles técnicas para que las realicen en su casa. Algunas de estas técnicas las enseño en mi taller y son muy bien aprovechadas por mis alumnos. Que los disfruten.








Nicaragua 1951 | Tel. 0054 291 4884147- Cel. 0291 154685775
(8000) Bahía Blanca, Argentina | info@claudiorimoldi.com.ar |
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